IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard GKB601

iogear multi-link bluetooth mini keyboard gkb601Pair with 6 Bluetooth Enabled Devices and Swiftly Toggle among Them *** Bluetooth 2.0 Technology Offers Greater Range up to 30 Feet away from Your Bluetooth Enabled Device *** Integrated Hotkeys Empower Users to Quickly Access Their Favorite Content in the Following Categories: My TV/My Videos/My Music/ *** Integrated Hotkeys Empower Users to Quickly Access Their Favorite ContentMy Pictures/Record TV/DVD Player.

Manufacturer: IOGEAR

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Editorial Review: IOGEAR's GKB601B Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is here. Control and easily switch between up to 6 Bluetooth enabled devices from one keyboard, product GKB601B. With the Media Center Hot Keys and iPad home button quickly accessible with one touch, the keyboard transforms a computing space into your own command center that stands alone in the world of mobile computing, multi-tasking efficiency and wireless gaming. Users can pair the Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with PCs, Macs, Smart Phones, tablets, iPads, game consoles and other HID profile supported devices running on Android, or iOS 4.0 and above. Best suited for: MCE (Media Center applications for Microsoft) Gaming Consoles Smart Phones which support Bluetooth HID profile The ultra-slim, low profile keyboard allows you to type with style and comfort. Start connecting today and witness your multi-tasking abilities soar!