Connecting your bluetooth keyboard

Your Ipad

altUsing your Bluetooth mini keyboard with you Ipad is quite easy, and frankly, you should get one: it will promote your Ipad closer to a full fledged computing device.

An interesting note:

It is wise to remember that as long as the keyboard is paired and within range, your ipad won't use the on-screen virtual keyboard.

If you need to use the onscreen keyboard, you will have to turn the bluetooth mini keyboard off. 

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Your Android device

Connecting your bluetooth keyboard to an android device

The following instructions are pretty much generic, suitable for most keyboards, under Android 1.x and 2.x ...

This does not mean that they will suit your particular keyboard brand, but we certainly hope so!

Please, tell us about your experience, as a comment to this article.


First, you will need the drivers for your bluetooth keyboard. So you must ensure that such drivers are provided either with the keyboard itself or available for download from the web.