Your Ipad

altUsing your Bluetooth mini keyboard with you Ipad is quite easy, and frankly, you should get one: it will promote your Ipad closer to a full fledged computing device.

An interesting note:

It is wise to remember that as long as the keyboard is paired and within range, your ipad won't use the on-screen virtual keyboard.

If you need to use the onscreen keyboard, you will have to turn the bluetooth mini keyboard off. 

  Please tell us about your experience with your ipad and your mini keyboard, and by all means, feel free to contribute with any tip, trick or comment that would help other users, throuh our comments section, right below this article.

Installing the Bluetooth mini Keyboard in your Ipad
  1. First you need to turn on your Ipad's bluetooth. You can do it from the Settings menu, tap it, then look over the left for the General option, which is where the bluettoh settings can be found.
  2. You proceed to tap into Settings then, and you will notice the Bluetooth option. If it reads as "Off" you have to tap over it in order to turn it on.
  3. As soon as it goes on, your Ipad's bluetooth interfase will start searching for bluetooth devices. IT's time to turn on your bluetooth mini keyboard and place it in discover / find me mode (it should be explained in the keyboard's manual).
  4. Given enough time (a couple of seconds to one minute) your bluetooth window in your Ipad should refresh itself showing up your keyboard in "NOT PAIRED" status.
  5. Some seconds later your Ipad will open a small window asking you to pair it with the keyboard. The window will be self explanatory: Basically it will ask you to type a pairing code in order to succesfully pair with the bluetooth mini keyboard.
  6. You should type the numeric code and press "return" key in your keyboard and the pairing will then be effective.