Buying a Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

bluetooth mini keyboard in use

I will give you some recommendations about selecting the right Bluetooth mini keyboard for you. I've been immersed in computers and software design since 1985, so please take my words as coming from an informed person. Also please believe me when I tell you although this may sound as a sales pitch,  it is not just that: I hope it will become apparent after reading the first recommendation ...


Is Bluetooth harmful for your health ?

bluetooth mini keyboard - radiation harmfulPlease type happily along in your bluetooth mini keyboard: You should not be concerned about Bluetooth radiation. Bluetooth radios use a much lower emission than other types of radio sources, including the phone itself, Wi-Fi, walkietalkies, etc.

Nowadays we are inmersed in radio transmissions from all kind of sources. You can count in the obvious sources, from either your's or your neighbour's wireless network, celular phone, all the way up to radio and tv broadcast stations.

Radio waves are measured both in power and frequency, which determine if they can be harmful to your health. 


What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi ?

bluetooth mini keyboards - bluetooth vs wifiBluetooth is used for short distance wireless connections through a radio signal scattered in different frecuencies which makes it more resilient against interference. Transmit power is very low, ideal for small devices like bluetooth mini keyboards. 

Bluetooth is ideal for embedding in small devices: it's a "single chip solution", self-contained in a very small chip, which can be accomodated in a very small space.


Bluetooth Mini Keyboard ... Why ?

Duragadget bluetooth mini keyboardOur mission: To review  the best offers on bluetooth mini keyboards, available in,  which is our worldwide partner. Now: Why a Bluetooth mini Keyboard ? Please consider the following:

The keyboard is an essential part of any computing system and the single most empowering factor when any kind of serious work is pending on  -you name it-  your phone, ipad, pad, netbook, notebook, android based, windows based, apple based products.

But wait a minute: Most of your portable electronics routinely requiring your input actually do not have a remotely practical, productive, complete or even real keyboard at all! You can tackle this lack of usability with a bluetooth mini keyboard!