Bluetooth Mini Keyboard ... Why ?

Duragadget bluetooth mini keyboardOur mission: To review  the best offers on bluetooth mini keyboards, available in,  which is our worldwide partner. Now: Why a Bluetooth mini Keyboard ? Please consider the following:

The keyboard is an essential part of any computing system and the single most empowering factor when any kind of serious work is pending on  -you name it-  your phone, ipad, pad, netbook, notebook, android based, windows based, apple based products.

But wait a minute: Most of your portable electronics routinely requiring your input actually do not have a remotely practical, productive, complete or even real keyboard at all! You can tackle this lack of usability with a bluetooth mini keyboard!

Otherwise, you might either end using up the better part of your portable screen as an unreliable virtual touch keyboard, or using a minimal numeric keyboard with obscure interpretation and extrapolation dictionary engines or pressing each key 3 or more times to reach your actual needed character.

This is a basic problem that takes away much of the needed proficiency / productivity between you and your portable computer. There are also other instances when the lack of a keyboard is frustrating, like the "mediacenter scenario"  where you try to enter a search string in youtube or your local movies library from your remote control, while all your friends stare at you ... never been there ?

Enter the Bluetooth protocol: A standard, robust and resilient against interference, high speed wireless protocol that allows the interfase from your portable electronics to several peripherals, including printers, headsets, mouses and keyboards just to mention a segment of the spectrum capabilities.