Is Bluetooth harmful for your health ?

bluetooth mini keyboard - radiation harmfulPlease type happily along in your bluetooth mini keyboard: You should not be concerned about Bluetooth radiation. Bluetooth radios use a much lower emission than other types of radio sources, including the phone itself, Wi-Fi, walkietalkies, etc.

Nowadays we are inmersed in radio transmissions from all kind of sources. You can count in the obvious sources, from either your's or your neighbour's wireless network, celular phone, all the way up to radio and tv broadcast stations.

Radio waves are measured both in power and frequency, which determine if they can be harmful to your health. 

In the real world, anyway, emissions stay way below such threshold.   Just in case, anyway, please consider that your cellphone is magnitudes of times more powerful than a bluetooth mini keyboard and as such, it is convenient to have it not stuck near your brain (when you talk) but rather in your belt, while doing the talking with a bluetooth handset. 

To round it up, as said at the beginning of this small article, you can dismiss the Bluetooth protocol as being harmful to your health. You can safely use your Bluetooth handset and Bluetooth mini Keyboard !