Buying a Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

bluetooth mini keyboard in use

I will give you some recommendations about selecting the right Bluetooth mini keyboard for you. I've been immersed in computers and software design since 1985, so please take my words as coming from an informed person. Also please believe me when I tell you although this may sound as a sales pitch,  it is not just that: I hope it will become apparent after reading the first recommendation ...

Consider before buying a Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

It is safer to invest your money on high quality computer peripherals: Computers, Smartphone and tablets are quite short lived, fading into obsolescence on a faster and faster cycle. Right now we could say that the obsolescence phasing out starts right on the first year of life of your computing device. The same does NOT happen with their peripherals -at least not quite as often as the industry would like-. Peripherals are quite more difficult to phase out,  into obsolescence inside such a short lifespan, as most of them are already mature on their concepts already not leaving much room for improvement.

Bluetooth is forever: Based on the above, consider that Bluetooth technology is present in almost everything technological wise. You will find a Bluetooth interface inside  Smartphone, Netbooks, notebooks, pc, tablets ... even wash machines! You name it.

Try to steer clear from cheap Bluetooth mini keyboards. As an example, those silicone keys used in low cost Bluetooth mini keyboards are quite awkward and certainly not suitable for regular typing work. A full bandwidth -human wise- interface with any computing device involves data input. A good keyboard is paramount for enhancing productivity and giving life to your Bluetooth enabled devices.

It all shall add up into the following conclusion: your Bluetooth mini keyboard might very well outlive several generations of computer devices. Consider it into the money-quality equation.