Menotek iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Plus Snap On Case For Apple iPad 2

Menotek Ipad 2Snap On Synthetic Leather Case With Metal Stand *** Removeable Bluetooth Waterproof Keyboard that works alone with any bluetooth enabled device *** Rechargeable Keyboard *** Rubberized keys are spill-proof and also protect iPad screen from scratching when closed *** This is designed for Ipad 2 (it won´t fit in first generation ipads)

Manufacturer: Menotek

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Editorial Review: This is a great item to have for any iPad owner. The case has a removeable semi rigid keyboard. The keyboard can easily be connected to an iPad by Bluetooth. The case also has a sturdy metal stand on the back to help the iPad from falling back when pressing on the screen. Many similar items do not have a sturdy support for the iPad which results in the iPad easily falling down if pressing on the screen. The clasp to keep the case closed does not use a magnet, so it will not interfere with your iPad. The Snap On case has the benefit of not interfering with the iPad's automatic light sensor. This product is even better when combined with the Menotek Travel and Car USB Charger Kit (ASIN B003VCYX9I). The charger kit will allow you to charge your keyboard with the USB Charging cable included with the keyboard without needing a computer.

If you are looking for the Menotek iPad 1 Case Plus Keyboard, check out ASIN B0049PN806 on Amazon.

How To Connect The Keyboard To iPad/iPhone 4
-Turn on the bluetooth on the iPad/iPhone4
-Turn on the power on the keyboard
-Press connect on the keyboard. The blue light will start blinking. It keeps blinking until it is sync'd or times out
-Have the iPad/iPhone4 search for bluetooth devices
-Select the keyboard after iPad/iPhone4 finds it
-Then the iPad/iPhone4 will give you a code to type on the bluetooth keyboard using the # keys on the keyboard and press ENTER. It should connect the 2 devices together

-Metal Stand
-USB Rechargeable
-Waterproof Keyboard
-Removeable Keyboard
-Snap On Case
-Wrist rest

-Removeable Bluetooth Keyboard
-USB Cable

iPad 2 and new iPad NOT INCLUDED